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Heavenblade Dragon Ryute (BSS01-084) [Dawn of History]

Heavenblade Dragon Ryute (BSS01-084) [Dawn of History]

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Set Name: Dawn of History
Card Number: BSS01-084
Release Date: 2023-04-28
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Spirit
Cost: 4
Color: Yellow
Spirit Type: Fabled Beast
Flavor Text: Three days after the Interregional Sports Competition began, the Starhavoc Rain came to the Realm of Radiance. So great was the confusion that the games had to be stopped immediately.
[LV1-LV2-LV3] During Either Main Step

Cores that would be placed into either player's life are placed on this spirit instead.

[LV2-LV3] During Your Turn

Your spirits cannot be returned to your hand or deck by your opponent's effects.
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