Modern Horizons 3 - Commander Deck (Eldrazi Incursion)

Modern Horizons 3 - Commander Deck (Eldrazi Incursion)

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Set: Modern Horizons 3 Commander Sealed
Release Date: 2024-06-14
Modern Horizons 3 brings a heaping helping of exciting new cards to Modern, one of Magic's most celebrated formats. Whether your players haven't picked up a set in a while or are card-slinging veterans, there's something for everyone to love.

In Commander, four players come together to show their strength and strategy, with one player coming out on top. Each 100-card ready-to-play Modern Horizons 3 Commander Deck makes it easy for Commander fans in your store to grab a deck and play right away.


• 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards (2 Traditional Foil Legendary cards, 98 nonfoil cards)

• 2-card Collector Booster Sample Pack

• 1 foil-etched Display Commander

• 15 new-to-Magic cards

• 10 double-sided tokens

• 1 deck box (can hold 100 sleeved cards)

• 1 Life Wheel?

• 1 strategy insert?

• 1 reference card